It’s been a long year and we have continued to grow and evolve into a touchstone for the community. However, everything we do would be impossible without your help! Our community has always been instrumental in helping us succeed, and we wanted to take a little time to take a step back and relish in the accomplishments everyone has made this year – together! Yours and ours! Come together and celebrate the amazing place that is South Royalton Vermont!

Join us January 14th from 1:00 – 3:00 PM for an afternoon of good company, music, refreshments, and more!

New This Month: Open House, In person Fiber-crafters, Tuesday Game Group, and new books of all kinds!

Stop by the library and have some summer fun. Grab a book, or watch a movie, and always as always – enjoy!

Our Fiber Crafters group is looking to build something great in 2023! We invite you to knit, sew, crochet, or whatever your heart desires in the creation of varying textiles! Each meeting will take place at the Royalton Memorial Library every third Tuesday at 7 pm!

If you are interested in joining the group, feel free to stop in on any of the days we host the event! All are invited, however if you have questions don’t hesitate to reach out to or Rhonda Murphy ( for more information.

As Royalton Memorial Library gets prepared for the rest of year we wanted to introduce some new activities into the fold. Starting with our very own Game Group centered on all things gaming related. We are looking to do it all – whether it be a board game, a trading card game, or a tabletop RPG!
We’ll be starting out by hosting Magic the Gathering free plays with our random assortment of cards every Tuesday at 4:00. Make your very own “library” to keep at the… library, and face off against friends! Prepare yourself and hone your skills as we plan on holding community tournaments in the future.
We will also be holding sign ups every Tuesday for a Dungeons and Dragons group. So if your interested in hopping into the Forgotten Realms, battling great foes, or uncovering devious mysteries – swing by the Library and put your name into the gauntlet and when there are enough players – you will be the first to receive a call to action!
And, for those that are interested in activities like Catan and Risk – a variety of board games will be made available to choose from and play. So whatever it is, we should have a little something for you!

We are operating in person, however we will continue to offer curbside services to help you out in your day to day!

Of course we have books, and lots of ’em!
Our collection includes:
– Books
– DVDs (children and adults)
– Audio books
– Passes to select Vermont State Parks, Museums, and Historic Sites

Come by the library and check out our great collection, and if you have a more specific request when you get here just let us know!

Check this website, our Facebook page, or call 802-763-7094 for updates and additional information. We continue to be grateful to the community for their support and their understanding during this difficult time.