Activity Packets


April 3, Put a Bird On it!

The activity kits come with a  bucket  or pot with instructions on how to fill the bucket with rocks and dirt.  Find a small branch about 2 feet long with several smaller branches. Make sure it is sturdy enough to stand upright in the bucket of dirt and rocks.  “Plant” the branch into the bucket of dirt and rocks.
Hang up your colored birds on the branch limbs and decorate the branch as you like.

Bird Trivia Challenge

Bird Matching Game

Bird coloring pages

Make a Pair of Bird Binoculars

Email photos of your work to and we will post them on the library website!

March 26, Here Comes the Sun!

  • all the supplies needed to plant your own sunflower!
  • sunflower fact sheet
  • a sunflower word search and maze
  • a paper sunflower DIY craft 

Butterfly Coloring Page.pdf

bumblebee-maze for older kids.pdf

double maze.pdf

Fun Facts About Sunflowers.pdf

hard bird maze.pdf

Paper Sunflower Craft.pdf

Seed Instructions.pdf

sunflower coloring page.pdf


Sunflower Word Search 1.pdf

Sunflower-Template (1).pdf

beetle bug maze.png


easy bee maze.png