Board Meeting Agenda for April 2023


Royalton Memorial Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Tuesday, April 4, 6:00 PM

At Royalton Memorial Library or via Zoom

Meeting ID: 959 5116 5461 Passcode: 076448

  1. Consent Agenda
    1. March minutes
    2. Jan-Feb and Feb-March financial reports
    3. Director’s Report

  2. Directors and officers
    1. Trustees for consideration: Ed Castner and Maria Loftus
    2. Officer election

  3. Policies and planning
    1. Strategic planning (adopt goals)
    2. Service policy review
    3. Safety planning
    4. Future personnel considerations

  4. Fundraising and community outreach
    1. Annual Appeal, rest stop, and Tea with a Trustee updates
    2. Spring mailing
    3. Yard sale

  5. Other business

Policy review schedule: (Feb: Collection Development; April: Service Policy; June: Service Operations; October: Internet Access, Art & Craft Exhibits; Revision of Policies)

Strategic plan reviewed in March