Computers, WiFi, Software

Public Computers

The library has laptops and Chromebooks available for public use.  In addition to internet access, the laptops have Microsoft Office installed and the Chromebooks have all Google applications available. The library also has a Mac laptop for use in the library.

Need computer help? Make an appointment with Betty LaWhite for one-on-one assistance.


Free Wi-Fi is available through the library during regular library hours. The wireless network is unsecured so browsing and personal information may be visible to others.


We ask that members and visitors who are listening to audio while using a public computer or a personal device use headphones. You may bring your own, or we can provide one-time use earbuds.

Flash Drives

Any files that are saved to the desktops of our public computers will be deleted. Patrons are encouraged to save their work via email or to an external drive.

Printing from Library Computers

Print securely from any of the library laptops. 


  • .25 per sheet for Black & White
  • .50 per sheet for Color


All users are required to abide by our Internet Access and Patron Rights & Responsibility policies.