Make and Do Activity Packets

Ms. Paula is back!
We are excited to announce that our Story Time star, Ms. Paula will begin online virtual Story Time events every Thursday at 10:00 AM.  In addition to reading a story, there will be some time for music and songs.  Ms. Paula will also provide a simple craft for toddlers and preschoolers each week.  This week’s theme is Scarecrows! The craft will be available for pick up at the library on Thursday afternoons after 1:00 PM, while supplies last. Click here to view our YouTube channel.

Activity Packets!

Adult Activity Kits Available!
Thursday, Oct. 15, after 1:00 PM

Redesign a vase to give it a pseudo-ceramic texture. With baking powder and paint, we will transform a glass vase into a seemingly hand crafted piece. Come by the library and pick up Tyler’s special activity kit!

Thursday, Oct. 1, after 1:00 PM

Ms. Pam has put together an action packed kit of “Things That Go” – Egg Carton Cars, Craft Stick Fall Pumpkin Truck and Easy Peasy Cut and Glue 3D Bus Craft! Come by the library – the kits are in a bin at the front entrance.

Thursday, Sept. 24 after 1:00 PM
Fire Eating Dragons and Magical Wizards!
Activity packets for both Toddlers/pre-K and grades K-5 will be ready for curbside pickup at the library entrance beginning at 1 pm on Thursday. This week Ms. Pam shows us how to make a fire breathing dragon and a magical wizard!

Let’s Make Friends!
Toddler-pre-K Activity Packets available Thursday, September 17, after 1:00 PM

Imaginary friends can be a real source of comfort and creativity for children. This week Ms. Pam has constructed a simple craft for kids to create their very own special friend.
Packets will be ready for curbside pickup at the library entrance after 1 pm, September 17.

Colors, Sounds, Smells! Nature Sensory Bottles
Toddler-pre-K Activity Packets available Thursday, September 3, after 1:00 PM

Ms. Pam has put together a real sensational activity kit this week! Packets for toddlers-pre-K will be ready for curbside pickup at the library entrance beginning at 1 pm on Thursday, September 3.

NEW: Creative Activity Packets for Adults! 
Second Round of Kits on Thursday, August 20 after 1:00 PM

Our creativity packets for adults were so popular last week we ran out of them! We are preparing an additional round, and they will be ready Thursday, August 20, after 1:00 PM at the front of the library. Come by and pick one up or email to reserve one.

We all need some play time!
Based on Pam Levasseur’s ever-so-popular activity packets for kids, (over 700 packets distributed!) we are now offering activity kits for adults too. You don’t need to be an artist or know how to draw or paint to have fun with our packets. Each packet contains most of the materials you need for each project. Come by and pick up your Packet of Play! Call 802-763-7094 or email to reserve your kit or for more details.