Tales and Tails Summer Reading events begin!

Read for 20 Punch Board Challenge

Make your brain stronger, have more fun & win small prizes all summer long.  Register by signing up online or visit the library. Then, all you need to do is read 20 minutes – log your reading and return to the library to receive a Punch Board Prize Coupon. Collect 4 coupons and you can punch the prize board to win creamies, animal figures, or even a gold coin.

Royalton Memorial Library is pleased to announce our Summer Reading Schedule!!

June and July:

Bottle Terrarium’s: June 25th @ 1:00 PM
On the 25th we will be making our very own terrariums! Terrariums are sealed containers that allow heat and light to enter. With the addition of soil, plants, and other sediment you will be able to create your very own little garden with its very own water cycle! It’s like an aquarium, but with plants instead of fish!

Edible Arrangements: July 9th @ 1:00 PM
On the 9th of July we’ll have a very exciting event where it is very much so encouraged to play with your food! RML will have randomly assorted food for children to create their very own works of art with. Using fruits, veggies, and who knows what else everyone will be allowed to make and take home an edible piece of art!

Float your Boat: July 16th @ 1:00 PM
Here to test your engineering, creativity, and skills at building is our Float your Boat competition on July 16th. Build your own boat with recycled materials that the library has gathered, and see how well it floats in a tote filled with water against others. An event where everyone will get to minds to the test to see which boat floats the best!

Rosie and the Little Folk Story Time: July 30th @ 1:00 PM
RML will have a Story Time and a obstacle course based on Rosie and the Little Folk by Alec Hastings. First we’ll start off with a reading a story from Rosie and the Little Folk. Then, everyone will have an opportunity at stellar obstacle course based on fables and the fantasies of your imagination – think The Tortoise and the Hare meets the floor is lava. To top it all off we’ll be ending with a book giveaway of Rosie and the Little Folk.