Libraries are vital

Connect and Be a Friend!

Please consider becoming a Friend of the Library and lending a hand with future programming and events. The Royalton Memorial Library is always looking for volunteers with a passion for books, learning, and serving our community.

Librarians across the country will tell you that libraries are more important now than ever!

Books, magazines, periodicals and movies are available free for use in education and for reading or viewing pleasure. Many libraries, including the Royalton Memorial, have free high-speed internet service where patrons can research a wide range of interests including employment opportunities, local and world news, and general browsing. Patrons can gather information about health, ancestry, finances, music, art, gardening, read email and the long list goes on.

Libraries are an important historical resource by maintaining and offering free access to local history and community records.

Nearby school students find a safe and welcoming place to gather, do homework and use the computers. Free weekly story times encourage pre-school children to learn the joy of reading early in their life as well as enable children & families to get to know others in the community. The Saturday Lego group keeps everyone busy & entertained.

The Royalton Library offers adult reading and discussion groups, meet-the-author events, and a gathering place for various arts and crafts groups. The library strives to be environmentally friendly by recycling reading and movies, thereby avoiding one-time use.

These offerings at the library happen because of our great staff and many volunteers. Because of shrinking budgets and constant technology demands, the face-to-face services provided by libraries across the country are more important than ever.