Vermont Online Library


The Royalton Memorial Library is pleased to share a new resource with our patrons! The Vermont Online Library (VOL) is a curated collection of online subscription-based information resources covering a broad range of subjects – made available to Vermont citizens by the Vermont Department of Libraries. If you are within the state of Vermont, you do not need a password or library card number to access VOL. If you are traveling out of state, you can use the password: maplesyrup to access the site.

What kinds of Information can I find in the Vermont Online Library?

You have a world of information at your fingertips! Read newspapers from around the world, watch a car repair video, get tips on writing a resume, find the latest information on health and medicine, listen to podcasts – and take advantage of the “text-to-speech” options. Start by browsing the list of resources from Gale Cengage.

In Universal Class, create your own personal account to take online classes on topics ranging from bookkeeping to photography. Prepare to be an engaged learner!


To use Universal Class first register online. Then you are able to participate in classes at your own pace, correspond with your instructors, and you have up to six months to complete an individual class. If you have already registered you may go straight to the Login page.